Here is a picture of who I voted for…Pierre the Dancing Bear. Okay, I didn’t vote for Pierre, but he would have been a option that us Americans could have used.
This Belgian style pale ale from #central28beercompany is pretty good. This style along with with Belgian IPA is my favorite. Although I have brewed a pretty badass ale that would rival this one, I didn’t have to take 5 hrs on a brew day and wait 6 weeks before I could drink it, so way to go Central 28. A good beer without the wait.
One quick thought on this Election Day. It is estimated that less then 65% of eligible Americans will vote. If you didn’t vote, you have no right to complain on who won, who lost, and who becomes our next President. Most would agree, this was a lose/lose battle for all. There was no clear candidate that deserved my vote, so hopefully you found at least one good reason to vote for your candidate. Let’s all get drunk tonight and hope that Armageddon is not upon us in the morning.

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